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Quick Tips for a Smooth Relocation Service

Planning your Relocation Service & Timing Movers

If you just got the memo that the company you work for is relocating you, sip your coffee and relax. However, planning what do first is a good question you should ask yourself. In this article, we review some good information on moving for homeowners, renters and businesses alike, to make this a stress free experience.

First, you need to do your homework and look for a company with good reviews like South Florida Van Lines. You can make an appointment for a moving estimator to come to your house, do an inventory and give you a rate based on the services you need. We recommend to call ahead of time as the moving estimator would have to follow a block schedule, usually booked a month or two in advance. Moral of the story is – the sooner the better!

Saving Money – What Should I Move Myself?

Many people that are in a budget can save money by moving some of their items themselves if they don’t weight a lot. However, very expensive items such as fine china and porcelain dolls may be best to be packed by professionals. These articles can get damaged with the wrong move and are irreplaceable because some are passed on from generation to generation.

By using the moving company cater to your needs such as the transportation of specialty items you will save time and money; so, help yourself!

Prepping for moving day

Do you have a pet that is going with you? When the movers arrive to your home, the doors have to be open and the floor areas clear. We suggest that your pets are kept away in a separate room to prevent them from running away. Likewise, if you have small children, keep them with the sitter or grandma so they are not in the way of the movers – if at all possible.

Are you ready to move? South Florida Van Lines offers transport and storage of all of your personal effects, furniture and even pianos from coast-to-coast, delivering satisfaction with every shipment. Call today for your free moving quote or fill out a moving quote.

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