Tips for Moving To South Florida

Basic Tips for Moving To South Florida

Basic Tips for Moving To South Florida. Moving from home is very exciting, but it also faces certain problems (paperwork, permits, packaging, clothing, dishes, toys, notices of changes of address, etc.). Moving home can be chaotic, unorganized and full of unexpected ending exhausted and frayed nerves. But if you plan ahead with proper organization and coordination, you will have a relaxing experience and will have time for dreaming of your future in the new home. Whether you decide to hire the services of a moving company or you decide to do it yourself, this section provides helpful tips to make it easier moving in South Florida.

Basic Tips for Moving To South Florida

1) What to bring to the new house:

According to the new home, you have to choose the furniture to take and which will stay in the old house with the new owner, or directed to someone in need. Do not forget to check the dimensions of the appliances (washing machine, refrigerator, etc.). They must fit in the new house. Everyday, rooms are increasingly going smaller, so take some steps to see if tables fit after placing the bed. Then, when you get home start selecting clothes, dishes and everything. So you will not move to the new house things you don’t care to keep. Another option is to sell the furniture that interest you and make a little money before moving to South Florida.

2) How to select to bring:
Moving to South Florida does not mean moving everything we own in the house. Select and remove what you do not take. Give the stuff that do not interest someone in need and only get out and call the council. When it comes time to move out and we started packing accounts the amount of stuff that we accumulated over the years and do not even use. Everything that has not been used in past 6 months or if you want one year, not used more, quit. Take as little as possible to their new home.

3) All Family to Pack:
If you and your family are the ones who packed two weeks before the moving to South Florida day ask the company responsible for the transfer, boxes and packing all items necessary to begin the task.

4) Plan the Packaging:
Do not save a bit of everything and the tun-tun. It’s best to pack room by room, you have to number the boxes and you can also put a special color to distinguish them from other rooms boxes. Do not forget to take inventory of each box. Identify with color and faces the containing object ” Fragile “.

5) As packing:
For heavier items like books, use small boxes that can be carried or moved easily. The dishes should be packed separately and carefully. The dishes have to pack them in plastic – bubble and place inside the box vertically, because they are more resistant to shock. Then fill in the gaps with crumpled newspaper. The cups have to wrap a plastic one – bubble and save up. Labeling with strong colors with the word “Fragile ” on several of their faces.

The adhesive tape to seal the boxes, do not use it directly on the furniture, then get the glue cost much and can ruin the finish. The clothing is stored in large trash bags and delicate clothes in special boxes with hanging bars. The electronic devices, is better move them wrapped in blankets and tied with ropes. That will save you problems when moving in South Florida.

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